Cornalin Barrique

Cornalin Barrique

Cornalin Barrique

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AOC du Valais

Particularly appreciated as an accompaniment for game, this strong and fruity wine is considered one of the greatest of the Valais grapes. For over 12 months, this wine is aged in oak barrels, which gives it a good ageing potential and a woody flavour that blends beautifully with the original flavours of this Cornalin.


Gold – Expovina 2019

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Its colour is purplish red. With an intense nose, it has aromas of forest fruit and wild cherries. Strong and fruity with spicy notes on the palate, Cornalin is a powerful and tannic wine. As it is aged, it gains in nobility and roundness. This wine goes perfectly with the taste of oak barrels having accompanied it for more than 12 months.


Called “Rouge du Pays” in the early fourteenth century, the Cornalin is a capricious and difficult grape to grow. Almost abandoned in the middle of the twentieth century, it is now considered by some as the greatest red wine of Valais.


For more than 12 months, this wine is aged in oak barrels, which gives it good ageing potential.


Because of its strength, Cornalin is perfect with game and tasty or marinated meat. It is also popular with cheeses.

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