Fendant Etoile

Fendant Etoile

AOC du Valais

Dry, fruity and with mineral notes, Fendant is an excellent appetiser wine. The grapes particularly appreciate the sunny slopes of Valais which give this subtle and complex wine a very convivial side.


Or – Mondial du Chasselas 2012
Argent – Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2011

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock


For a long time on the tables in Valais, Fendant has gained in finesse and complexity with the emergence of white specialties. A wine to be enjoyed in good company, synonymous of friendship and sharing, Fendant Etoile is characterised by its flavours of citrus and a touch of acidity giving it a very pleasant taste.


Chasselas, which has long been the main variety grown in Switzerland, is at the origin of grapes for everyday wines grown in most wine-producing countries. Called Fendant in Valais – because the grain splits at your fingertips when ripe – it can be found on the Valais hillsides that have particularly favourable cultivation conditions for obtaining dry wines that are easy to drink, fine and pleasant, characterised by their mineral notes.


Matured in tanks, the blocking of the malolactic fermentation gives Fendant Etoile a more sustained acidity characterised by aromas of green fruit and citrus fruit.


Truly from Valais, Fendant Etoile lends itself perfectly as an appetiser, and goes well with raclette, hard cheese and cold cuts.

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