Pinot Noir Rubis

Pinot Noir Rubis

AOC du Valais

As the most prevalent grape variety in Valais, Pinot Noir gives a ruby ​​coloured wine composed of complex, fresh and creamy aromas. Fruity, full and round, it goes well with white or roasted meats.


Argent – Expovina 2012

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Pinot noir

With its cherry-red colour, Pinot Noir Rubis is composed of complex aromas and brings freshness and creaminess on the palate. The pleasant tannin intensified by the fruit offers ample and round flavours.


Originally a French grape variety, Pinot Noir was introduced in Valais by the State Council, in order to boost the wine industry then in full transition. It is the most present variety in Valais and can withstand either drought or cold.


This wine has been traditionally vinified in our tanks, and it thus retains all of its flavour and original aromas.


Pinot Noir is the perfect companion for roasted meats, poultry and white meats and mature cheeses.

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