United by the
same passion

Germanier Cave du Tunnel provides artists with a new place for expression by working with them to co-create wine selections.

Painters, illustrators and tattoo artists are all involved with developing the product across the entire production chain.

Gaëlle Garrocq

The lino-engraving artist Gaëlle Garrocq from Vaud had the idea of showcasing the life which bustles away between the shoots of the vines.

The winegrower and nature work hand-in-hand, sometimes battling it out to produce the wine through a shared love of the same product – grapes. A true ode to nature, to its fascinating beauty and its delicate equilibrium.

Les Quatre Saisons
Cyrielle Formaz

The author-composer from Valais Cyrielle Formaz created the visuals for the Les Quatre Saisons range, which consisted in representing the different seasons of the year from an atypical angle. A universe full of poetry and delicacy in tune with the sensitive and benevolent nature of the artist.

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