Au temps des cerises
By Cyrielle Formaz

A limited-edition Syrah rosé which celebrates the arrival of spring with poetry and a light touch.

Supporting the cultivation and skills of the terroir is one of the fundamental values of Germanier – Cave du Tunnel. This is why they have collaborated with Cyrielle Formaz to create a light springtime rosé. This artist from Valais experimented with her vision and sensibilities on paper, creating the illustration which now features on the wine label.

Beneath its subtle fruity aromas, ‘Au temps des Cerises’ unfolds its full character and the grandeur of the Valais slopes, drenched in sunshine. A cru perfectly adapted to the sweetness of spring which can be enjoyed as a couple or with friends, accompanied by a BBQ, spicy food or cocktail buffet.

Cyrielle Formaz

The creation of a wine is an art which blends passion and expertise. We pushed the artistic brief even further and asked Cyrielle Formaz, an author and composer from Valais, to apply her vision and sensibilities to create the label. And, as with her music, she created the label for this limited edition with a sweet and light vibe.

A power of movement breaks away from the refined nature of her traits. A free-moving dancer, twirling through fields of flowers. Light and intoxicated with life, she invites us to revitalise ourselves, in this ‘temps des cerises’ (cherry season).

A poetic and delicate visual in tune with the sensitivity of nature and the grace of the artist.


A lively and refreshing robe of raspberry pink.


Notes of ripe raspberries and grenadine.


Fresh and characterful at the same time, a delicious fruity aroma which bursts out like an explosion of flavour.


Au Temps des Cerises, our new springtime Syrah rosé is now available from our online shop.

Order now and receive your bottle directly to your door.

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« When the time comes to sing the season of cherries, the merry nightingales and mocking blackbirds will all rejoice, the pretty girls will have wild thoughts in their heads and lovers will have the sun in their hearts. »
- Jean-Baptiste Clément (1836-1903)

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