Le Blanc

Le Blanc

By Kevin Germanier
AOC du Valais

With its intense yellow robe, the wine exudes notes of mature pear and citrus fruits. The invigorating and refreshing wine has a charming acidic streak with a fresh finish.

Païen Chardonnay AOC VS 6° – 8° C
Dry – lively – fruity Aperitif – fish/shellfish – cheese

75 cl

23.90 CHF

Savagnin Blanc

Deliciously scented with citrus aromas, Païen gives off a nice freshness. Its long and structured palate combines a tonic effect with liveliness. It can be appreciated very young or after a few years of ageing.


Chardonnay is often compared to a premier cru Bourgogne. It is a light, fruity wine of which most people are very fond. It is a wine that matures beautifully in the bottle.


Païen : Whether called Païen as in the French-speaking Valais or Heida as in the Upper Valais, this wine made from Savagnin Blanc was mentioned in the mid-sixteenth century, however, its name traces back to before the evangelisation. Initially cultivated on the slopes of Visperterminen among the highest vineyards in Europe, it grows in all of the French-speaking Valais.
Chardonnay : Originally from Burgundy, this French grape variety was introduced in Valais during the 1920’s. In this sunny area, it finds a privileged place where the diversity of wines from this famous grape can be easily expressed. Changing tastes to drier wines explains why Chardonnay gradually started to be harvested at full maturity, producing fresher wines. It is a wine that matures beautifully in the bottle.


This wine has been traditionally vinified in our tanks, and it thus retains all of its flavour and fruity aromas.


Perfect with cheese, shellfish, seafood and fish in sauce.

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