Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé

AOC du Valais

Brut Rosé is primarily distinguished by its delicate red fruit colour from noble grape varieties of Valais. Its aromas are fresh and young. It has a fruity and intense bouquet.


Argent – grand prix du vin suisse 2014

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Availability: In stock

Availability: In stock

Cuvée rosée of noble Valais grape varieties

To the eye: Brut Rosé offers a sumptuous golden pink colour, with delicate coral shades. The effervescence is intense, characterised by fine persistent bubbles. Nose: the bouquet reveals with sophistication aromas of fresh red fruits, including highlights of red berries and cherries. Palate: Brut Rosé presents a remarkable balance between freshness, roundness and suppleness of the wine, leaving the delicious fruity flavours to express themselves.


With over 30 years of experience in sparkling wines, it was in 2012 that this wine was born in our cellars. This sparkling rosé with fruity flavours complements the range of different “sparkling” wines by Jacques Germanier.


Clusters of Chardonnay grapes and noble red grape varieties from Valais, picked fully ripe, placed without crushing or stemming in the press, slowly fermented in bottles, stored for at least 24 months on laths in a wine warehouse at a constant temperature, followed by a meticulous riddling and disgorging, which gives Brut du Valais all the qualities of a great sparkling wine.


This sparkling rosé is perfect as an appetiser, or for accompanying fresh fruit for example. It can also be enjoyed during a full meal with fish, shellfish or meat. It is also great with fruity desserts.

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