Au Gré du Vent

Au Gré du Vent

An experience big on flavour

Germanier Cave du Tunnel is celebrating the season of a thousand colours with a new autumnal wine which has an elaborate character, based on a rare grape variety: the Viognier. Are you ready to float away?

14.50 CHF

Autumnal Viognier

With an orange hue like sunset and subtle flavours revealed by its smooth texture, this 100% Valais cru offers precious moments of tranquillity.


Originally from Côtes-du-Rhône, Viognier almost disappeared in the 60’s (disease: phylloxera). It has since then been reintroduced in several French regions and in Valais, where its cultivation remains very confidential.


This wine is traditionally made in our vats. This preserves all the flavour and original aromas.


Au Gré du Vent is enjoyed with perch fillets, shellfish and white meats.

Origins AOC Valais, Switzerland
Producer Germanier – Cave du Tunnel
Appellation Au Gré du Vent
Grape Viognier
Bottling 75 cl
Alcohol content 12.5 %
Serving temperature 6 – 8° C
Ageing 1-3 years


Weight 1.8 kg


Food suggestion

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