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Spritz-Valais gift box

AOC Valais

59.00 CHF



In a wine glass filled with ice
4 cl of Apricot Liqueur sur Fruit
8 cl of sparkling wine 42


1. Fill a wine glass with ice cubes
2. Add 4 cl of liqueur Abricot SUR FRUIT
3. Add 8 cl of 42 Sparkling Wine
4. Add an orange peel or slice for decoration (optional)
4. Enjoy!


Sparkling Wine 42

We explored the 4 corners of the universe and found the most noble raw material, which allowed us to create this magnificent beverage with a sumptuous sparkle.

Eye : Light yellow with green reflections; very present beading.
Nose: Beautifully aromatic with scents of lime, white flowers and apricots.
Palate: Fine, round and complex in the mouth, with notes of lime, flowers and citrus fruits. The wine has a beautiful vinosity, which finishes with a refreshing acidity and bubbles balanced by a harmonious sweetness.


The base wine is vinified in the traditional way in vats. Then follows a saturation by addition of CO2 for the sparkling wine.


The 42 – Sparkling Wine can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for creating all kinds of cocktails. It mixes particularly well with fruit juices, especially orange and blood orange juices.


The Apricot Sur Fruit 21.5%
eau de vie and fruit compote!

The Valais and the Rhone Valley, rich in material extracted from the mountains by ice and water, are a fabulous terroir for the emblematic fruits of our house.
The Apricot on Fruit combines brandy and Valaisan fruit. The apricot brings substance and sweetness; the brandy, the intensity of flavors; their meeting: all that the Valaisan orchard offers of best.

Weight 3 kg



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