As a dynamic and responsible company, we strive to meet the expectations and needs of our loyal customers. Three main areas are particularly important to us as a winery.


Since the founding of the cellar, we strive to constantly innovate and continuously improve our business to respond in the best way to the expectations of our customers. The actions we have undertaken have been aimed at strengthening the product-consumer’s knowledge by offering an incomparable value and price. A product by Jacques Germanier!


We have always aspired to guarantee competitive prices for the best possible quality. The skills of our employees coupled with our proven experience as a winery allow us to meet this objective.


Each bottle of wine we make is prepared using perfectly mastered methods by our wineries and by Mr. Bruno Geiger, confirmed oenologist for the last 37 years at Cave du Tunnel, and responsible for the quality of the products made in our wineries.

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