Founded in 1968 by Jacques Germanier, a professional oenologist, Cave du Tunnel has evolved and grown in harmony with its time and environment. Clairvoyant and constantly considering the market and its consumers, it is now known and recognised both nationally and internationally. Cave du Tunnel has been one of the pioneers in the winery business, especially when it comes to diversification and blending of noble Valais grapes.

Cave du Tunnel is located in the heart of Valais, in a region that boasts a remarkable continental climate with over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year and cold, snowy winters. The soil is varied; it is granitic in Lower Valais, comprises schist around Sion and is rather stony in Upper Valais.

These features make this canton a breeding ground for many agricultural activities, such as the cultivation of numerous vegetable crops and mainly the cultivation of vine.

When we speak of viticulture in Valais, one cannot help but think of and admire the beautiful dry stone walls along the vineyards of the canton. This technique, dating back several centuries, allows the cultivation of vine on steep terrain, making the land exploitable while taking advantage of maximum sunshine.

It was in this environment that Mr Jacques Germanier, led by his passion for viticulture, founded his winery in 1968. An oenologist by trade, he created wines of incomparable quality in order to share his passion and pleasure for wine.

In 1985, the entrepreneur once again pioneered by surrounding himself with experts in the Champagne method to develop the now famous “Brut du Valais”.

To meet a strict and elaborate set of specifications making it possible to produce an exceptional Brut that can be compared with the best champagnes, tunnels were dug in the rock, rendering it possible to ferment and store the product at constant temperature conditions all year round.

A few years later, faced with the growing consumer demand, Jacques Germanier convinced his suppliers to incorporate new varieties of grapes in the Valais wines. The cultivation of over 20 new varieties gave birth to “l’Or de Conthey”: a blend of overmatured Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon which met great success and also brought fame to the hills of Contheysan.

In process of perpetual innovation, the Jacques Germanier Group exported its expertise by purchasing an area of over 100 hectares in South Africa. Since 1991, the group distributes a range of international wines all over the world.

Over the years, the expertise of Cave du Tunnel improved, and Brut du Valais (from the year 2000) became the leading product of the winery by being awarded a world gold medal in the international Chardonnay competition (sparkling wine category) that took place in Burgundy in 2004. During this competition, the product was tasted and compared with leading brands of sparkling wine on the international market.

Constantly looking for new challenges, the Jacques Germanier group continues to innovate. A new range of blends with aromatic flavours was created in 2008: “L’A.p.Ro”. Boasting a strong and youthful image, these creations will delight lovers of appetisers and good food!

Over the years, numerous medals and awards have been added to the prize list of the company. The winery has thus created a brand image of high quality with over 40 years of experience in the Valais wine country.

Dynamism, tenacity and an avant-garde vision enabled the founder to create a nationally and internationally renowned company that today distributes more than 500 products with authenticity and with respect for Valaisan traditions.

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