Petite Arvine

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AOC du Valais

A specialty typical of Valais, Petite Arvine is one of the best wines of Valais. Vinified into a dry white wine, it is lively, fruity, well-balanced and develops a multitude of flavours. A pleasure to be discovered and rediscovered !

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Petite Arvine

Vinified into a dry white wine, it has a manly, energetic character, with a very typical scent of wisteria and grapefruit. Fresh, lively and fruity, it has a pleasant acidity and a slightly salty finish with lingering flavours.


Genuinely from Valais, Petite Arvine has an international reputation among Valais wines since 1602. Delicate, sensitive, and late-harvest, it requires the best exposure on land that is not too arid. Vinified dry, slightly soft or withered, Petite Arvine regaled hedonists in all its forms.


This wine has been traditionally vinified in our tanks, and it thus retains all of its flavour and fruity aromas.


A great appetiser wine, Petite Arvine goes well with appetisers, salads, oysters, shellfish and fish.

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