L'A.p.Ro 19:00 blanc doux

L'A.p.Ro 19:00 blanc doux

L'A.p.Ro 19:00 blanc doux

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AOC du Valais

A slightly sweet appetiser or dessert wine, it develops complex aromas. Golden in colour, it is both soft and vigorous, elegant and round, noble and full of passion.

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Pinot Gris

A creation of our oenologist, this blend of noble Valais grapes was created in 2008 at Cave du Tunnel. Fruity and full-bodied, this wine has a complex bouquet hinting of plum, honey, candied fruit and spices. Both tender and strong, it is soft and creamy on the palate.


This a.p.Ro collection allows every wine-lover to bring together friends to share unique moments around a good wine. We designed 6 types of A.p.Ro for specific times of the day because an appetiser can easily be taken several times a day.


This wine has been traditionally vinified in our tanks, and it thus retains all of its flavour and exotic aromas.


This wine is perfect as an appetiser, goes well when consumed with pastry and ice cream.

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