Fendant 50cl

Fendant 50cl

Fendant 50cl

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AOC du Valais

Dry, fruity and with mineral notes, Fendant is an excellent appetiser wine. The grapes particularly appreciate the sunny slopes of Valais which give this subtle and complex wine a very convivial side.


Argent – Grand Prix du Vin Suisse 2011
Or – Mondial du Chasselas 2012

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Chardonnay – Pinot Blanc

Delicate and complex aromas with a structure supported by a touch of acidity. A finish with complexity imposed by an original assembly.


This blend of two grape varietals from Burgundy adopted by Valais, Chardonnay – Pinot Blanc, combines the dry and fruity Chardonnay with the suppleness of Pinot Blanc.


This wine has been traditionally vinified in our tanks, and it thus retains all of its flavour and fruity aromas.Gastronomy

Should be discovered as an appetiser or accompanying frog legs, fish, shellfish and soft cheeses.

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