Dolcetto d'Alba Magna

Dolcetto d'Alba Magna

Dolcetto d'Alba Magna

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Paolo Manzone Italia

Dolcetto d’Alba Magna is an Italian wine from the Piedmont region. Its taste hints of small red fruits, to the eye it is intensely ruby ​​red with purplish highlights; it is a wine with low acidity.

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This grape variety is typical of the Langhe region and gives a wine with the most Piedmont-character. It gives a fruity wine with very little acidity.


Dolcetto is an Italian black wine widely grown in the Piedmont region in the northwest of Italy. It is possible that it gets its properties from the hills where the vine is grown, but in any case, the wines produced are almost always dry.


From the harvest to its marketing, Dolcetto d’Alba Magna DOC is vinified with the utmost care. The fermentation is done according to tradition.


This wine goes perfectly with red meat, rice and warm starters.

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