Au Gré du Vent
By Cyrielle Formaz

A full-bodied, limited edition wine promising an experience big on flavour.

Germanier Cave du Tunnel is celebrating the season of a thousand colours with a new autumnal wine which has an elaborate character, based on a rare grape variety: the Viognier. With an orange hue like sunset and subtle flavours revealed by its smooth texture, this 100% Valais cru offers precious moments of tranquillity. Are you ready to float away?

Cyrielle Formaz

For this third limited edition cru from ‘Les Quatre Saisons’ range, Cyrielle Formaz presents a work which is both peaceful and fantastic all at the same time.

Like gold leaves floating in the wind, five women in Eve’s outfit are shown floating away on a wave of serenity, progressively transforming to join the majestic and delicate dove of peace.

A divine work which perfectly reflects the overflowing imagination of its creator and gives us a pleasant sense of well-being. As if a distant desire to take flight has suddenly been satisfied.


Orange tones like a sunset.


Subtle and complex aromas of peach, apricot and almond.


A broad range of flavours with a smooth texture.


‘Au Gré du Vent’, our new autumnal Viognier, is now available from our online shop.

Order now to receive your bottle direct from us. But don’t hesitate – stocks are limited!

« Dawn unfolds with golden hair and a face of rose as if already half discovering everything. And the birds perched among the leaves starting to awaken and grumble. »
- Mathurin Régnier (1608)

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